Awfulnet is a free to use and teenager-friendly Internet Relay Chat network, created keeping in mind your safety and privacy. It was started by a bunch of friends in 2012, driven by the desire to create a social platform for young people. You are always welcome to join us and bring your friends, provided you follow the rules. Creating new channels is encouraged and if you need any help, feel free to come and talk to our support staff in our help channel. You can connect using the in-browser webchat or using an IRC client of your choice to connect to


* Quality professional hosting with high uptime and performance
* Full range of Atheme IRC services
* Custom services, including infobot, Gil, ChanStat, and our quote database
* IP address cloaking with custom vHosts on request
* Hosted webchat with the qwebirc platform
* Fast, reliable staff
* DDoS mitigation and Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor scanning
* Secure SSL connection available
* IPv6 support

Notable channels

#chat: The main general chat channel. If you’re new to the network, come here first.
#help: Need help? You got it. Don’t forget to be nice!
#awful: This is the network’s foundation channel. Mostly inactive.
If you want your channel listed here, let an operator know.

Quote database

Awfulnet is pleased to present the Awfulnet Quote Database, full of quotes from our many channels.

Latest network updates

  • Back online
  • Denial of Service attack
  • Unexplained downtime
  • Restart and Upgrades
  • Temporary downtime over and services resumed
  • Temporary downtime
  • Virtual hosts (vHosts)
  • Platform migration
  • Enforced Nicks and More!
  • Hello world!
  • Misc.

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